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πŸ’₯ New! Bounsel Flow is live

![Bounsel Flow](BASE/products/359542911/changelog/12909/inline-77be52be1d0c4e883c9ff39a51fadaeb.jpg) We just released **Bounsel Flow** (beta). Say goodbye to paperwork. Create documents was never so easy. Discover the fastest, most human and fun way to create documents without making mistakes. Enough of copy-paste. Welcome to Bounsel Flow! [embed:] **πŸš€ What’s new:** β€’ Upload a Google Docs or Microsoft Word document to create a new template. β€’ Tag and categorize your templates to easily organize your documents. β€’ Auto-detect the variables you want to fill in from a .doc or .docx template to rapidly create a flow. β€’ Transform the variables into questions in a visual and dynamic way to create an engaging conversational form. β€’ Create a flow with the following card types: welcome, text, long text, URL, number, date, password, email, phone and section break. β€’ Publish your flow and share it with one click. β€’ Share your flow with a private link so that only you can generate a document. β€’ Share your flow with a public link so that anyone can generate a document. β€’ Receive the document completed automatically in your workspace with all the variables filled in as if by magic. β€’ Download the document in docx or PDF from your workspace. β€’ Check document key data at a glance to not miss important information. β€’ Have your workspace always updated in real-time to manage your documents with no stress. β€’ Search by name in drive to easily find your documents. β€’ Upload a PDF document to your workspace to store it in the cloud and have everything under control. β€’ … and many more cool things!